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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Let's do this (again)

So its so happen last year were not the last one. So I am giving my all again this year. Sacrificing which probably my one and only chance for sea games. And in the mid of everything my body and feet reminded me that I'm not a teen.

Along with this high spirit I hope my right foot is holding up. I have never had a serious injury before until now, those usual bruise, ache, sprains excluded. I dont know how to describe my injury, its the joint between my feet and leg (talus bone? or mild ligament tear? I hope it doesnt tear,please).

So I decided to get the sonotron treatment, despite the testimonials of it not being that effective. Since the next game is in a day I just give it a try. But seems the infamous ice bath I have been doing since morning are giving better result. Not sure if the pain would come back for the game tomorrow morning after my leg no longer numb from the ice bath though, hope not.

On the side note I am officially retiring my Nike CTR360 Libretto III IC Junior. And I bought my first Adidas sport shoe to replace it, Nitrocharge 3.0 (Jr - UK4).

You served me well. Almost rendered it useless :D.

Hello Nitrocharge 3.0! So far my short and wide feet are happy.

Downside of having a really small feet is getting a shoe that in size. The upside of it that is I fit to shoes that meant for kids, and its cheaper that adult's. It's sometimes sold half the price of the adult shoes.

Well I better rest for the game tomorrow.


*after game update

Yup the usual feeling after a game, felt like the F up I am. Regardless, happy for a teammate achievement make us proud you awesome mofo. hahaha. We are going back with 6 points (3rd place). Go MMU! Congrats to the MMU boys team for making it to the final, good game, well played. 8 points (2nd place) in hand guys, congrats. Next circuit :/

Monday, June 30, 2014

Movie #11 (Drama) : Orphan Black

I love this series.
Season 1 are more light compared to season 2. In season 1 i think they want to show more on the characters, and it contains more funny scenes. In season 2 it is to me a bit heavier, where it shows some decisions or actions that the characters take are not quite them. For example in season 2 Sarah playing it safe rather than just rampaging through the situations as she did in Season 1. But in Helena's case her characters are shown more in season 2, we see different side of her where she sings Sugar Sugar by the Archies.

Great show. Great story. Great actors/actresses. #Canadians!


12 July 2014

*Spoiler alert?*

As I watched Orphan Black season 1 again, I was damn pissed with Helena (whom I pity and started to love in season 2). The scene was when Helena pretend to be Sarah and kill their birth mother Amelia. I was like WTF Helena?! And when Sarah pull the trigger and shot Helena I was like, YES! serve you right Helena you psycho freak. Grrr.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Movie #10 : Her (2013)

I haven't blog for a while, I also haven't write or converse in English. Oh my decreasing vocab.

I love this movie. It's futuristic but yet doesn't show the technology is far off from reality or unattainable. I'm guessing the operating system would have a lot of privacy settings.

Trailer :

This movie is sad (I cried, I'm a crybaby). My favourite scene is where Theodore and Samantha at the carnival. How Theodore genuinely happy with Samantha. For him being comfortable with Samantha in public it makes me smile, but in the movie it seems that the OS is used by the mass and so probably what Theodore was doing is a norm.

I wouldn't want to spoil, but this is just sad. Stupid perhaps but for me its mostly sad and quite mean and evil too.

On the side note : Dear Family, its not a phase.